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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. 



5 DAY All Inclusive RETREAT

Thursday-Monday | August 26-30, 2021

IN THE u.s. virgin islands


"Dreams are best pursued by diving in head first"



grab your luggage!

Life is short, TAKE THE TRIP, experience the U.S. Virgin Islands with ALL INCLUSIVE accommodations, transportation, meals, Group Life Coaching Sessions, HerQuest Workshop, Spiritual Enrichment & Spa Session,  and outdoor excursions, while being rejuvenated for 5 DAYS!

Living A Real Life Retreat Women's Retreat

are you that person?

Are you that person that has connected to your place of genuine authenticity but only to find yourself living your life based on obligations, roles, and expectations, and a lot of "shoulds"? Stuck in a zone focused on what isn't rather than what is, or focused too much on the next step, hindered from living in the moment?

Stressed Woman

 Take this quest with us as we stop submitting to mediocrity and unfulfilled lives as we discover life's greater purpose.


START THE PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands, where some of us will begin, and others will continue the journey of self-discovery and realignment to the core purpose of our existence, learning more about ourselves, our God, and our enemy.

When you attend Living A Real Life Retreatyou'll be challenged to walk in your purpose and push against the walls that limit you. The facilitators you'll meet know all to well about setting and achieving goals. So prepare to leave the retreat, a new you...THE REAL YOU!

Window Portrait

Are you out of touch with yourself that you have fallen into the pit of "people-pleasing"? Do you do and say things based on what is expected of you or social peer pressure? Are you diagnosed with imposter syndrome (IS) and self-doubt disorder (SDD)?

it's time to be adventurous & share the experience with others.


thursday | 08.26

Meet & Greet


Welcome to the Living A Real Life Retreat!

HerQUEST: Discovering the REAL YOU

  The retreat starts as soon as you arrive in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

You and your fellow guest will be picked up from Henry E Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix.


We will begin our quest by saddling up and exploring the island as trailblazing cowgirls! If you ever wanted to ride a horse on the beach... here we go! We will be galloping on horses in the most beautiful places in the U.S. Virgin Islands! This will be an adventurous trail exploring new territories as we ride down the beach, through the rain forest, and into the sea! Be sure to wear something you don't mind getting wet. Let's saddle up, ladies!

After our adventure as trailblazing cowgirls, we will then be transported to the retreat villa.  At the retreat villa, you'll get your room assignment, drop your bags, change into your cutest pj's and LET THE JAMBOREE BEGIN!​

The Welcome Pajama Jamboree

The Welcome Pajama Jamboree officially kicks off the retreat where we put on our cutest pj's, munch on some hors d’ oeuvres,  sip on Mocktails, and get better acquainted with each other having a good ole Living a Real Life Retreat time, as we begin our quest discovering our true self!


experience deeper intimacy with God.


friday | 08.27

The Experience

The Second Eve Spa Experience

Good Morning Ladies! We will begin our day with a spa experience with The Second Eve Spa.

 We want you to serenely relax and release all the toxins as you are rejuvenated by some of our offered spa services. Be rendered speechless with our softening hand soak, mini mani and a magnificent hand & forearm massage, bring your often neglected yet worthy feet back to life with a softening foot soak, a mini pedi and a fabulous lower leg & foot massage. We are also offering thirty minute massages, cocoon wraps, a detoxifying back mask, a full body exfoliation treatment, and a nourishing, mineral rich sea soak.

The Second Eve Spa Experience can significantly improve your mood and have a positive effect on mental health.  As well as giving you a feeling of ultimate relaxation. A spa experience can contribute to improved circulation, pain reduction, tension release and better quality sleep. Plus, stress can lead to unnecessary water retention and loss of energy leaving you feeling lethargic. Get ready for your dry bones to be resurrected during a morning of relaxation and rejuvenation with The Second Eve Spa Experience.  

*All spa services are subject to change without advance notice.


see life through the eyes of God


saturday | 08.28

Saturday Quest

HerQUEST: Discover the Real you 


We will continue our quest of discovery, diving deeper into inner transformation with The Transformation Tribe Inner Healing and Life Coaching Services. They will continue guiding us with proven, practical methods to help us be successful at creating life change. We will be working on inner healing and transforming our life from the inside out. 


Being Transformed and Unleash the Giant Within!

if you think adventure is dangerous try routine, it's lethal

Image by Padraig Treanor

sunday | 08.29

Sunday Funday!

Exploring new territories and trying out new things! Pioneer through the beautiful waters of the U.S. Virgin Island on this exciting snorkeling excursion! We will be expoloring life under the sea. This snorkel adventure takes us to the beautiful waters of  the Caribbean Sea. During your tour you can expect 2 action-packed hours full of snorkeling, St. Croix's unique ecosystem and various fish and sea life. Local and experienced, captain and crew pride themselves on giving the best experience possible.
Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a towel and LETS GO SNORKELING!

We will be going on an expedition through St. Croix's beautiful landscapes, lush rainforest, and breath-taking sceneries during our 4WD tour. We will see the island in ways rarely experienced by visitors. Tour guides guarantee that to captivate our imagination throughout the entire tour.

It's time we go on adventures and experience life in a way we have never have! The U.S Virgin Islands awaits you.



*All excursions are subject to change without advance notice.

Woman Snorkeling with Stingray

There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open

Woman at the Beach

monday | 08.30

See you later!

You will be packing to get ready to head back to your place of residence and leaving the retreat home but you will not be leaving the same way you came.

When you leave HerQUEST: DISCOVERING THE  Real  YOU

Know that you know yourself, you will become more confident, you will understand your purpose, and you will begin making a bigger impact on the world.


  • You will have identified God’s calling and purpose for your life and ready to be your journey’s hero.


  • You will no longer see your pain or challenges as obstacles that are holding you back but instead see them as footstools to a greater purpose.


  • You will be empowered to stop allowing others to write the chapters of your life story and decide, once and for all, to live life walking in your divine purpose.

  •  You will be able to question your beliefs and being able to look at the excuses that you create in your life so that you can change them.


You took the first steps to inner transformation and it doesn't end here... We will be offering another opportunity to further your transformation journey after the retreat.


Retreat T-shirt

Cute Pajamas

Water Shoes

Quick Drying Clothes 

Cap or Visor

Mineral Sunscreen


Face Massage

Bath Robe

Flip Flops

Relaxing Resting Area

Comfortable Clothes

Image by Eddy Billard


Mineral Sunscreen

Beach Towel


Cap or Visor


Swimsuit Cover-up

Wet Shoes

Sea Sickness Medication

SPF Lip Balm


Traveling Attire

THURSDAY | 08.26.21
FRIDAY | 08.27.21
SATURDAY | 08.28.21
SUNDAY | 08.29.21
MONDAY | 08.30.21

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